Photo of Rose Albert, MPH

Rose Albert, MPH

Rose graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a BS in Chemistry and an MPH in Environmental Health. For her undergraduate thesis, she utilized fluorescence polarization microscopy to establish a timeline for the acquisition of cadherin order during desmosome assembly. While in Alabama, her academic and nonprofit experiences in public health policy, environmental leadership, and social justice advocacy fostered a deep connection to southern environmental justice issues. Now as a Pharmacology PhD student in the Lingappan Lab, Rose is eager to study environmental exposures and sex differences in lung injury and development. Rose's long-term goal is to provide scientific and technical support to communities overburdened by environmental injustice and the climate crisis, especially in the South.

When she's not thinking about pollution, Rose enjoys maxing out her library card, rock climbing, crocheting plants (to replace the houseplants she forgot to water), and listening to Rainbow Kitten Surprise.